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What We Collect & How We Collect It
Starting our cable range, our priority was to make sure we were addressing real life problems. In a lifestyle where on-the-go is the norm, we realized efficiency and convenience became more and more prized. Hence the idea of combining two everyday must-carry’s – keys and charging. Crafted with the most durable materials and a timeless design, this is our modern everyday essential.

If you're looking for a reliable, compact, and portable Apple Watch battery charger, then take a peek at the CHOETECH Apple Watch Charger. It's MFi-certified and small enough to fit on your keychain but powerful enough to provide multiple charges for your Apple Watch. Four LED lights will indicate its power status.
 BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch

The  BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch is a beautifully-designed portable charger for your Apple Watch and iPhone. It's no surprise that it's a favorite around iMore. This portable battery is built to be small enough to carry comfortably in your back pocket, while a protective strap also keeps it secure while charging. You can pop it in your bag and easily charge on-the-go.
UGREEN Charger for Apple Watch
The MFi certified UGREEN Charger for Apple Watch is a sleek and simple magnetic Apple Watch charger that can be plugged into any USB port to charge your wearable. It takes around two hours to charge your Apple Watch with it and is even designed with temperature protection to keep your watch safe.
MOFUU Wireless Charger Keychain
The MOFUU Wireless Charger Keychain is a highly portable Apple Watch charger that can be clipped onto your keyring for easy access. It's an MFI-certified charger. If you're worried about your Apple Watch slipping off, a strong magnet will keep your wearable safe and secure.

Whether or not you decide to hook the battery pack to your keys is up to you. Either way, it's more portable than most external batteries. The built-in 30 pin connector is welcome, as most external batteries require the use of your device's charging cable. This means that you don't need anything more than the iPhone Keychain Charger itself to charge your iPhone.
Perhaps the best thing about the iPhone Keychain Charger is its presence. That is, when you realize you need it, it's already there (if you attached it to your keys). By now, most iPhone owners know how to manage their battery and about what time of day it will give out. The iPhone Keychain Charger is great for any unexpected situations that may require more use of your phone.

In my testing, the iPhone Keychain Charger managed to provide a 30 percent charge on average, which was more than enough to keep my phone going until I had the opportunity to use a wall or car charger.