Ucharge Rotating Led Projection Light Snowflake Spotlight
It is versatility that makes this particular projector stand out from the rest, one that allows it to be used not only at Christmas but during Halloween, weddings, family parties, or any other type of festivity. As for the projector itself, it comes with PCS slides for you to choose from and has a diameter of 9mm with a height of 180 mm. It is also waterproof, which makes it suitable for both indoor or outdoor setups.
Clustars Outdoor Projector Lights For Holidays

Able to serve one of five different display patterns, Clustars Christmas Laser Lights are a great item for one to get for their holiday parties or to give to their friends and families as gifts. It can display patterns which include such exciting holiday ones as Stars, Jingle Bells, Santa Clause, Christmas Tree, and Snowflake. This unit can cover up to three thousand square feet of house and yard frontage and has a built-in timer that allows it to be used for six hours and then turned off for eighteen hours automatically. These holiday lights are also encased in an IP4case which provides some protection against the elements.

 BulbHead Star Shower Motion Laser Light
On the other hand, if eight different holiday-themed patterns are a bit too much for you, you can always opt to buy Christmas laser lights that project only red and green.  BulbHead has just that kind of Christmas laser lights with their Star Shower Motion Laser Light.
Even with its severely limited color palette, you can still choose whether you want  BulbHead’s Star Shower Motion Laser Light to project just green lights or red-and-green ones. Like Geekers, you can use  BulbHead’s Star Shower Motion Laser Light indoors or outdoors. You can also leave it on at daytime if you want.
After Sales Service
A company’s after-sales services or their warranty deals also matters a great deal when it comes to purchasing solar powered lights. The company where you buy your lights from should always be known for their quality and their reliability and they should be trustworthy to perform or to replace parts, as well as give warranty in case there is a need or a requirement.
Other Factors

There are various other factors that you need to consider as well. You need to check how many hours will the lights work for as long as they are fully charged. Most solar power lights typically work for around 6-hours very easily at a stretch as long as they are charged completely. Lights which work for less than to hours should not be acceptable. They should also be easy and simple to install as well as to use since the main idea behind the lights is that they should be user-friendly. Lastly, and most importantly they should definitely have the IP5certification, to withstand weather conditions like heavy rainfall or snow.

There are options available when you are looking for buying a perfect solar powered laser projection lights for your Christmas decorations. Choosing one set of lights from available options can get tricky and confusing at the same time. We have tested and reviewed some of the popular solar laser light projectors to make your life easier. These are the lights we recommend to include in your Christmas decorations.
Solar Powered Star Projector & LED Spotlight
If you want an item that comprises of all year-round projecting patterns, you cannot go wrong with this model. It is ideal for interior and exterior walls, landscapes, pool, and even dance floors. But for a spectacular lighting show, its perfect for Christmas holidays. It has a metallic body that is waterproof meaning that regardless of the weather, your family and neighbors can enjoy a fantastic show. This model comes inclusive of twelve plates that contain images for clown & balloons, doves, Santa, Christmas tree & stockings, snowflakes, hearts, fall leaves, starts, and many others. You can opt to use them for birthday celebrations, Halloween, and other holiday occasions.
Hosyo Motion Landscape is incredibly easy to use and highly durable – given that you store and maintain it well. The display is fairly wide and from about 1feet, you will be able to cover a huge area with incredible spotlight. This model is affordable, lights are easy to install and use, and as mentioned earlier, can be used both indoor and outdoor. Overall, a great item to purchase especially with Christmas just around the corner.
Our last words
With the festive season just around the corner, it is time to go out there and purchase your laser light projects before it’s too late. These items are incredibly easy to install and use and comprise of tons of different image settings that will make you the envy of your neighborhood. From still images to rotating displays, these projectors have them all. Select from our top best light projects to experience bright and incredibly clear festival atmosphere like never before.
They operate at a low voltage and are safe to use.

Most outdoor projection lights come with attachments that allow you to customize the beam, projecting various motifs such as holidays decorations, stars, flowers, Halloween patterns, and more. Literally suitable for all occasions, the outdoor projection lights are a quick and affordable garden decoration solution.
Star Shower Motion Laser Lights Star Projector
The Star Shower Motion Laser Lights Star Projector is one of the most popular types of outdoor projection lights available on the market. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, and the neutral star shower is suitable for all seasons and occasions.
The laser light is designed to project holographic lights even from a distance and it comes with a lawn stake that allows you to install it in seconds. For indoor use, the manufacturer also included a flat base, ideal to use on any hard surfaces.
The projector comes with a built-in daylight sensor that turns on the dazzle of stars automatically at nighttime. Moreover, you’ll also be able to choose between two projection settings.

The projector is waterproof and it can be installed anywhere in the garden. thanks to the lawn stake, it is also easy to change the projection direction and even the position of the projector whenever you want.
Things We Liked
Two modes: choose between static projection or motion, depending on the occasion, highlighted subject, and preference.
Dual use: the projector is designed for both outdoor and indoor use and it comes with a flat base that allows you to place it on a floor or table.
If you’re looking for a static yet bright star shower, as those advertised on TV, then the Bulbhead Star Shower Static Laser Lights Star Projector might be the right one for you. These outdoor projection lights are designed to cover a wide area, projecting brilliant and beautiful stars.
The projector includes two projection modes. In detail, you’ll be able to choose between red and green stars or only green. The projector is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and it can be installed easily, without the need for ladders.
The unit is weather resistant and suitable to be left outdoors even in the winter. Thanks to this feature, the projector can be used to decorate your house or garden during the holiday season.
The holographic lights can project from over 100 yards away and are able to cover an area of 3200 square feet. https://club10reviews.com/top-best-holiday-lights-reviewed-2017. It is suitable for small and large properties alike..