Use supports to tackle those difficult to reach areas.
After the initial surface smoothing is complete, you can take the skin texture further. I use a homemade tool consisting of two steel wires to do this.

In fact, these wires are guitar strings stretched and mounted on the handle of an old brush. When this tool is rubbed on the surface of the sculpture, the thin but rigid wires lightly mark the surface of the clay. The wires tremble slightly and their elasticity allows the tool to follow the volumes of the character’s anatomy.
Creating your own tools can generate unique and interesting results.
Another great tool for a sculptor working in clay is a stamp. A stamp is anything that you press into the surface of the clay to create an effect, and the best part is that it can be made from just about anything.
Looking around the house I find a small Allen wrench that will be great for adding a patterned texture to this character. I use the end of the tool to carefully stamp out a perfect honeycomb pattern on the inside of each thigh.

Giovanni Grecco takes us through the ZBrush workflow for The Witcher character Ciri, the weapons, and an ornamental base...

Choosing a concept
This is one of the most important processes, it can define your success or failure during a project, be wise and self-conscious of your level before you choose a concept. If you choose a very complex work that is awesome but very hard you have to be an advanced artist, otherwise you'll end up frustrated and with a project "in your drawer." On this project I decided to challenge myself to make one of my favorites character from "The Witcher 3," Ciri, based on Prime statues from the game, and using her alternative costume from the DLC.
Character block-out
When everything is set up, I open ZBrush and start to block out the statue. There are many ways to start, but I prefer to start from a sphere using dynamesh to get all the forms and proportions right so I can move on to the accessories. Using the extract function on ZBrush is my go-to option to make the base clothing and some props. But when I need something that's very hard surface I move on to Maya. In this step, you should have a base model to start, with everything blocked out..